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About Us

Bonnie Begins Our Business

Since 1977, Corner Health Foods has been committed to improving the health of everyone we encounter. Our founder, Bonnie Abernathy, worked closely in the 1970s with special needs children. Many of them had a variety of nutritional needs and dietary restrictions. Bonnie knew that a change in diet could dramatically change their future. She also learned that many of their parents were having difficulty finding organic foods and vital supplements. So, when the opportunity came along, Bonnie opened her own health food store.

For more than 10 years Bonnie built the inventory at Corner Health Foods—expanding to include many different types of healthy foods and supplements.

Anne Expands Our Influence

Anne Johnson’s health had been in decline. Asthma and a variety of allergies prevented her from participating in sports, which left her distraught. Conventional doctors could not help; however, when she went to see a holistic doctor her health improved. The doctor started her on a nutritious diet of whole, unprocessed foods and powerful supplements.

Anne’s health steadily improved. She now wanted to inspire other people toward a healthier lifestyle. When she learned that Bonnie was retiring and that Corner Health Foods was for sale, she bought it. For the next 20 years, Anne was a fixture at our store—always available to help people with health concerns. She added many new products that support a healthy lifestyle.

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Liliana Takes the Baton

In 2008, when Anne decided to retire, she wanted to leave her store to someone who shared her passion for health. Anne had been mentoring Liliana Espinosa for five years, which included helping her to regain her health. “Many customers come into our store, suffering from illnesses like heartburn, indigestion, insomnia, and anxiety—to name a few,” says Liliana. “I really care about my customers. I know what it is like to have health issues, and Anne helped me to get my life back.”

Liliana and her compassionate staff are committed to continuing this legacy of caring for you—our valued customers at Corner Health Foods.

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I started working here in 1978 when Corner Health Foods first opened its doors. Bonnie Abernathy the original owner knew a lot about health and nutrition. I soon learned a lot from her as well. I used my new knowledge of nutrition to better myself and my family. I continued to work here for over 20 years. I love working at Corner Health Foods because of the pleasant atmosphere Liliana provides. She is a kind and thoughtful leader and she is so knowledgeable. After working here for so long I know so many customers and all the staff here feels like family.

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My history with Corner Health Foods goes way back. I started shopping here with my mom as a kid. I started working here at sixteen years old. I took a sixteen year hiatus to be a stay-at-home mom and currently I’ve been back at Corner Health for five years now. What can I say I love the sense of well being that comes with a healthy lifestyle. I became a vegetarian at sixteen and with a passion for cooking, I starting incorporating clean, organic, whole foods into my diet. I've been experimenting with making whole food recipes for my family for over 24 years. I love working at CHF because I get to share healthy recipes, ideas and tips that make living a healthy lifestyle a little easier. If you have any questions about how to cook quinoa, what the heck to do with chia seeds or tips on how to get more kale in your diet, let me know, I’d love to help you.

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I was asked to work at the Health Food Store 4 years ago. It was an honor to be asked at a business my parents created. And just like them I am learning about supplements. I have asthma from allergies and the natural alternatives have helped me a lot.

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I have worked at Corner Health Foods in Mundelein for six years. Having health issues myself such as dairy allergies, eczema and low bone density, helps me to understand our customers needs better. It's also fun to work here and see and learn about the new products we add to our shelves frequently.

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As long time customer at Corner Health Foods I received much help and guidance from Anne and Liliana and as an employee I am continuing to learn and explore new information regarding nutrition and supplements. I love now being able to help others on their path to wellness especially in the area of gluten free lifestyle.


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